Sponsored Rescues


Together, We Can Help Save Dogs In Need

Health, happiness, love, and a forever home – these are the basic necessities that every dog deserves.  As a company comprised of people who have been personally touched by the life-changing power of a rescue dog’s unconditional love, Shizzle Dogs is dedicated to helping as many of these disadvantaged pups as possible. How do we make this dream a reality?

With your help.


Our Promise

Our mandate is to bring dedicated dog lovers together to trade their stories and wares, but with a meaningful difference:

10% of the earned revenue of Shizzle Dogs are donated to organizations devoted to saving rescue dogs across America.

Think about it: If you could buy your pet supplies at a great price while helping to save the lives of thousands of deserving dogs, wouldn’t the world be a better place? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to know that as your dog enjoys the items you purchased online – food, accessories, treats, toys, other little luxuries – that your purchases gave other dogs the chance to survive?

Your monthly purchases on Shizzle Dogs count, and the personal, heartfelt stories we share are proof that every dollar spent here – in the online stores of sellers who love dogs and who are as dedicated to this wonderful cause as much as you – are truly making a difference.


The Importance of Transparency

Shizzle Dogs is committed to clarity. Each month we showcase one carefully vetted rescue organization and donate 10% of our proceeds to their cause. We show you how much and where these dollars go each month – and you get to see the happy faces of the dogs that you have helped, just by buying items that are already on your shopping list.

It is our greatest hope that these loveable, charming rescue dogs will find their way into your hearts, and that with your support they will be rewarded with a forever home.


High Paws from the Shizzle Dogs team!