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Take one look into a rescue dog’s eyes, and you can feel their pain and suffering. Most of us wish that we could adopt each and every one of these deserving animals, and while that may not be possible, there are other ways we can offer our support.

Shizzle Dogs is an online marketplace inspired by the journey we embarked upon as we adopted Brie, our Yorkshire Terrier. During the pre-adoption qualifying stage, we met the dedicated staff of her rescue organization and learned how many of them are taking care of these animals without any help or financial support. As it turns out, most dog rescue organizations face hardships due to a lack of funding. Volunteers not only offer their time, but many also support these dogs on their own, including paying for expensive operations.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of dogs who are suffering by helping the people and organizations that care for them – and, best of all, it can happen without any extra effort on your part. Each month, Shizzle Dogs will benefit a carefully selected Rescue Organization with a donation equal to 10% of revenue while showcasing these philanthropic associations on our website and social media pages. Plus, every picture you post and story you share will help bring awareness to their cause: to find loving families for adoptable dogs that have been waiting for “furever” homes.

Purchasing the same items on Shizzle Dogs that you would buy in store or online – and at equal or better pricing – can help save dogs’ lives: it’s that simple.

We know Shizzle Dogs will become your number-one source for all of your dog’s needs. You’ll feel good knowing that you are making a lasting difference in the lives of rescue dogs who so desperately need the help, support, and love you have to give.


Mel and Tracy Hayes
Founders of Shizzle Dogs

Our Team

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Mel Hayes


Adopting Brie has been life changing! The joy and beauty that she has added to our family is magical. I wish for every dog lover to experience the inner peace and satisfaction of adopting a Rescue Dog.

Tracy Hayes


Ever since adopting our Rescue Dog named Brie, I am committed to ensuring that our work here will result in more dogs being saved and many more Rescue Dogs finding love in their furever homes.

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Crystal Hayes

Technical Manager

Our very own Rescue Dog, Brie, has been an inspiration to me throughout her many years with us. She has grown in so many ways, that it truly is awe-inspiring! I hope to impart that same inspiration throughout everything that we do here.

Our Mission and Vision


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